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Fenton Bus Lines prides itself on Safety, style and class.

School Routes


Local Charters


Overnight or Out of Province Trips

We are a proud contractor of Rockyview Schools.  It is our honour and pleasure to service Airdrie, Kathyrn and Westbrook Schools with top drivers and buses to safely transport your children to and from school.

We are happy to offer local charters at a highly compeditive rate.  Our experienced drivers will arrive 15 minutes prior to loading time and be there for your needs during the trip.  Need the bus to stay on site for safety, no problem just let us know ahead of time.  Last minute changes are never a problem.  We are highly adapable and  have access to Google maps to quickly locate new  or additional locations.  Our cancelation policy is one of the most flexible in the business, cancel within 12 hours of the pick up time and there is no charge.

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Amazing rates & competitive prices!

Your trip -Your way -Anywhere in Canada 

This is our speciality.  We are one of the few school bus companies that are running Federal Operating Authority. 


This allows us to transport your group anywhere in Canada.  There are several advantages of using a school bus verses the coach bus. 


First is that of safety!  School Buses are nothing short of a tank, layers upon layers of steel and iron surround the passengers.  School Buses never burst apart upon impact, in fact test after test shows they stand up to even the most severe impact with minimal damage or impact on passngers.

Second is cost.  School buses are much cheaper to purchase and maintain therefore saving groups 1000's of dollars on a longer trip.

Third is less rider fatique.  School buses are not equipped with a bathroom.  Therefore passengers are at less risk of serious injury as there is no need to stand up while a bus is in motion.  The safest place is in a seat, we allow passengers to remain safe and offer bathroom stops where needed.  This gets everyone up and moving around every few hours, keeping the "jet lag" or cramped legs to a minimum.  

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